Unity is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System used by Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI) It improves the effectiveness of TMI by being a central location to collect and organize data from all aspects of the company.

Old software previewed on a desktop screen


Our client used a Microsoft Access application to manage all their resources. This solution was out of touch with modern technology and could no longer scale and grow with the business.

Many Users used it in many different ways:

  • Estimating and sales
  • Dispatch and vehicle management
  • Companies and Contacts management
  • Human Resources


  • One system to handle all day to day operations
  • Convenient and mobile access to data
  • The ability to create new modules to adapt to business needs


  • Better user experience
  • Enhance scalability by standardizing the back end database (it was made over years with inconsistent conventions).
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design and development plan on whiteboard

Our Work

We designed the front end to streamline processes with workflow management and an intuitive user interface, and standardized the back end database.

sketch and final design of a duplicate contact modal sketch and final design of an employee group modal

Our Work

We designed for accessibility and listened to user needs to improve the experience. We also implemented design standards and best practices.


  • Reduced design and development time by using repeatable patterns.
  • Used Bootstrap, model view controller (MVC), jQuery, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, and Typescript.
  • TMI works with a variety of clients. Every module can adapt to a wide range of content sizes.
Plan Orders previewed on a mac
Employee Group previewed on a Dell laptop


  • Mobile access to their data while away from the computer.
  • Removed the need for Remote Desktop.
  • TMI now has a ERP System tailored to their needs.


Unity is a modern web app that replaces an outdated Microsoft Access application.


Improved and simplified security by leveraging Google for Work Authentication.


Unity can be accessed any time, anywhere that has an internet connection.


Unity is more lightweight and much faster to use than their previous solution.

Style-guide Driven Development

Unity uses a design system and repeatable patterns. Adding modules and expanding the application is no sweat.

User Experience

We want Unity to be easy to use. We ask our users what they need out of our product and we use HotJar and user testing to see where we can improve.


Project managers can "watch" anything within Unity. They receive emails that notify them of any activity or change in status.

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